How to use Spotify in India

Let’s talk about how to use Spotify in India.

Spotify India

music is like a gift. It makes great impact on many peoples. If you are sad, If you want motivation, enjoyment, want to pass your boring time then music is for you.

Old days vs New days:

Before some years, I mean before releasing some music apps like spotify, Soundcloud etc. People download music from the Internet coz of no other options.

Nowdays everyone use music apps (not actually everyone). coz no one like to download each song and wasting some memory on it (Personal thought).

And there are so many apps available on the Play Store, App Store etc.. but some apps are not available globally. For ex. Spotify is not available in India. 

Their is no official reason why its not available in India. Maybe spotify will available in India in upcoming years.

Their is a trick or a way to use it in India. By using that trick anyone can use Spotify in India without any country problem. Just follow the following steps and enjoy your music..


  • Vpn
  • Chrome or other browser (not opera mini)
  • Mail Id for sign up

Steps to use Spotify in India:

    1. Download vpn from play store (I will suggest you to use TunnelBear vpn) coz its ad free and every month you will get 500MB free data. Spotify India
    2. Now sign up with your mail id and select a country (The United States) and click on the button to connect it.Spotify India  Spotify music app
    3. Now open your browser and clear its data (Cookies, Site data & History).
    4. Go to then Sign up and choose your account type as free.
    5. Now go to and search for Spotify and download it.
    6. After installation just open it and sign in with your mail id which you used for sign up. Now you will see all music and you can listen them whenever you want.
    7. Done. Now Enjoy 


Final Thoughts:

There are so many apps available on the Internet but some apps are really cool. I don’t know why spotify is not available in India. I personally use it and i love it.

Note: After log in you can uninstall TunnelBear Vpn. Or you can use it. If you face any problem (Location problem) then again connect with vpn and try. (Problem Solved).

Ok guys so I hope you like my post. Share it with your Indian friends enjoy every second and stay happy.

Thank You…

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