How to Reduce Background Noise from any Audio

Let’s talk about how to Reduce Background Noise from Audio by using your Android smartphone.

Reduce background noise
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A few years ago, the phone was used only for calls and messaging. But Technology gradually changed and normal phones became smartphones.

Today we can do almost everything from our smartphone, I.e. Capturing pics, 4k recording, Editing, etc. And things like Artificial Intelligence are making our life amazing and there is no doubt that in the coming days, smartphones will be more powerful than computers.

In this post I will tell you how you can Reduce Background Noise by using your Android smartphone. Just follow the steps given below.

How to Reduce Background Noise:

Reduce background noise

  • After downloading open the app. You will see interface like this.

  • As you see Play, Pause, and Record button. Now if you want to record then just click on that red dot or if you already recorded an audio then just click on open and select the recording.

Reduce background noise

  • Now just select and click on open. After opening just click on upper right cornor ( 3dots) and then select noise reduction.

  • After clicking app this setting, Threshold: -38 , Rate: 76% , Attack/Relese: 40ms , Low Pass Filter: 10,000 Hz and apply.

  • Now again click on 3 dots and then on Compressor .

  • Now apply this settings. Threshold: -20dB, Rate: 5.0/1, Attack/Relese: 50ms/200ms3, Makeup gain: +0dB and apply it.

  • Now just click on save and always choose .m4a format coz it is good.

  • Done.

I recorded a normal audio (not so noisy) for this post. All above setting is different for each recorded audio but mostly above setting work perfectly for many audio recordings. You can try different settings according to your needs such as audio speed , tempo, pitch setting etc.

So I hope guys you like this post🖒.Have a nice day and keep reading Techunwrap 😉 ..

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