How to Identify Fake Websites

Let’s talk about How to Identify Fake Websites. fake websites

In today’s world Internet is like an important part of our life. Personally l can’t imagine my life without Internet. Whatever we want such as Information, Tutorials, Entertainment we will get it very easily.

Internet change our lifestyle our way of communication. And in future we can’t imagine how our digital world will change our life.

On one side we are making our life much easier and on other side some bad people try to destroy it for whatever reasons. So in this post I will tell you that how can you Identify Fake Websites. 

Good people make new things by hard work and sell them through Internet and make some money. And bad people make Fake Website and do scams. Generally we search for something and if we like it then we buy it.

What’s the point of creating fake websites?

To earn money. But how?

Before some months I was watching a tv and while changing channels I saw an Interview of a scammer in that he told that how he make money through fake websites.

Let’s take that above gadget, scammer make very impressive looking fake website and list so many products for selling. So what generally happen is normal people see that fake website and if they like any product they place an order and pay for it.

And in backend scammer get that money but they don’t send any product.

So to stay secure from fake websites checkout following things.

5 Ways to Identify Fake Websites:


1. SSL: 

First thing you have to check is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) also know as Https.

SSL is very important coz it encrypts the session between you and the website. So no one can do man in a middle attack to steal your details. Fake websites don’t use SSL certificate coz they want to steal your data.

For ex. If you buying something from non SSL site or fake website then the transaction between you and the website is not encrypted which means anyone can see your details such as credit card numbers, passwords etc.

2. Redirection:

I hate redirection, Many people including myself faced this issue. For ex. If we click on something the we face this redirection issue. So many tabs open automatically and give you fake message or warning.

The most common warning is “You Phone have virus click here to remove“. And if we click on them then again the fake website redirect us so many times. So this is the second thing to identify fake websites. Remember the genuine website never redirect us so many times.

3. Contact page missing:

If you browsing a site which don’t have contact us page or any other way to communicate then it can be a fake website.

4. Check safety ratings:

To check safety ratings or any other data related to any site then just go to
Scamadviser and paste the url of that site. Scamadviser is a website which give us information about any website. For ex. Trust rating, Owner related info, Domain age and much more.

I know a fake website and I checked it on Scamadviser and here is the warning or trust rating message I got from Scamadviser. Fake website

5. Check Url:

Url is so important. So many hackers use url for phishing, Many people don’t check site’s url including myself before a year but now im checking every url.

Why url checking is important? Coz hackers make fake login page to steal your information such as credit card number, Bank password and much more.

But how? When you browse a fake website and you don’t know about it and you look any product which you decide to buy, You click on buy button and then fake login page opens where you have to fill all your details and once you fill that and click on proceed button then scammer or hacker get every information that you entered. Checkout this fake login page (edited for better understanding). Fake websites

I use this facebook login page just to give you information about how phishing url looks like.

There are so many factors to identify fake websites but I chosed some common factors which are sufficient to identify a fake website.

So I hope guys you like this post. Have a nice day and keep reading Techunwrap 😉 ..

Thank You..

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