Http vs Https: What’s the Difference and which one is more secure? And how it works

http vs https what is the difference?

Lets talk about http vs https, In today’s world most of the things available online in http or https format from shopping to payments. And online world is expanding so rapidly. But not just online activities the most important cyber attacks are also increasing.

Http vs https

Everyday the whole world do so many transaction online like online payment, net banking, various bill payments and much more. People only thinks about this lifestyle like everything is easy and no need to go anywhere. Let’s see how http and https can make huge impact on you,

What is Http and Https :

Http: it stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. which is widely used. Coz its free and for ssl you need to pay some money. Or creating ssl is little frustrating.

Https: it stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol secure. which is recommend by almost everyone if they have any kind of log in page on their site (like Facebook or our  bank log in page or Gmail etc). Iam using https on my blog. If you want more detail information on https then Click here

http vs https comparison :

  • Http transfers user data or any other search terms without any encryption.
  • Https encrypts the whole conversation between two sites or between user and the site.
  • Http is available for free (if anyone makes a website it have http protocol)In Https you need to buy ssl certificate  (Secured Socket layer) to use it before your site’s url.Most of the browsers like chrome gives us warning if the site don’t have ssl certificate. “Your connection is not private hackers may access your data”.
  • Http works on every browser.
  • Some sites offers a free ssl certificate which don’t work on everywhere. It makes some impact on traffic.

Why https is important:

Let’s understand this term with an example, If you want do any bank transaction and you are using your old protocol “http” it means your session with your bank is not encrypted and anyone (3rd party) can easily read it, so assume me a hacker which watching you while you are doing your transaction.

Http vs https

So what will i do? I will get ur computer access without knowing you and i will take a screen shot to know what are you doing on that time. And i will get information about your transaction. Then i will become as a middle person between you and your bank and spoofs all the data you are entering,

Now what will happen when you enter your username and password to log in to your account then i will get all the information first (coz i am in the middle between you and your bank) and then your bank will get it. And not just a bank hackers will get easily access to your social media sites to and can do whatever they want.

But in https they won’t get any personal details of users coz its encrypted between user and the site. So if you are login on any site use https before the url and then use it. Or you can add it manually before your site’s url. (If they don’t have ssl certificate this won’t work).

I hope this article helps you to understand the difference between both protocols (http vs https) and how important it is. Plz share and subscribe and stay connected for tech related stuff. Have a nice day..


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