How to Delete 8 Ball Pool Account

Let’s talk about How to Delete 8 Ball Pool Account.

delete 8 ball pool account8 Ball Pool is a great game with 100 million downloads from play store (huge money hehe). I like the graphics and all other functions like ball spinning, chat, avatars everything works awesome.

Before some months I was little bit addicted to 8 Ball Pool coz I was winning so many matches (I won Happy Holidays ring). One day I was playing and I lose so many matches and when you lose a match specially with a lower level player it hurts a lot and then you thinkinking about deleting your 8 Ball Pool account.

Guys I will suggest you to not to delete your 8 Ball Pool account, If you lose so many mathes and demotivated coz of it then uninstall the game and install it whenever you want to play. Once you delete your account then you have to start the game from zero.

If you have any other reasons and want to delete your account then follow this steps. I will tell you how to delete and how to unlink your 8 Ball Pool account from facebook.

How to Delete 8 Ball Pool Account :

Before some months miniclip give their customer support through email so I decided to mail them at and ask them to delete my account.

After 2 days I got a mail from them in that miniclip said,

Miniclip is changing the support system and it will no longer give support to players that contact us via or other email address.
In order to solve your ticket faster we will need more information, and the easiest way to send us all the information we need will be through filling a web-form.

Please re-submit your ticket in English directly through the address .

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and we will be looking forward to hear from you.” 

So I clicked on that link (You can also click) and this type of form appear delete 8 ball pool account

Im not uploading all my details and also the form is so big so I just uploaded a single screenshot.

After filling all your details miniclip will generate your ticket and once the verified your identity they will delete your account.

How to Unlink 8 Ball Pool Account from facebook :

If you unlink your account from facebook is doesn’t mean you deleted your account. 

I unlinked my 8 Ball Pool account from facebook and I thought my account is no longer available but then I open a game and clicked on link account (It took 1 min) and then all my coins, My level & my rings remains as it is hahaha. So Follow this steps  to unlink your account from facebook,

  • Login to your facebook account and clicked on 
  • Then go to account settings 
  • Now scrool down and click on apps 
  • Now select 8 Ball Pool 
  • Now just click on remove app
  • Now your account is not linked to facebook.
  • Done.

Ok guys I hope you like this post about How to Delete 8 Ball Pool Account. Enjoy your day and keep reading Techunwrap 😉 ..

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