Dashlane App Review (Android)

This post is all about Dashlane App Review.. 

dashlane app review

Cyber attacks are increasing everyday and the age of Internet everything is easily available online. Hackers are getting smarter everyday and courses like Ethical Hacking is easily available online. Anyone can pay some dollars and learn everything for many purposes.

So today I will review the Free Password manager app Dashlane. This review contains following things:

  • Information about Dashlane App
  • Features
  • User Interface
  • Usability (how easy or confusing the Dashlane App)
  • Ratings and Price

So here is the full Dashlane App Review..

What is Dashlane?

Dashlane  is a free password manager and a digital wallet to save your important information like passwords, notes, credit card numbers, emails.

Emmanuel Schalit is the CEO and founder of Dashlane. It created in october 2012 and written in C++ programming language.


  • AES 256 bit encryption (Strongest in the market).
  • Auto login.
  • Fingerprint support to unlock and it also support Face Id to unlock the app.
  • Two factor authentication.
  •  Password generator.
  • It also have Dashlane’s own browser.
  • And the best feature is you don’t need to connet to wifi to see your information.It unlocks without internet connection.
  •  Security breach alert.
  • Screenshot prevention.
  • It also clear clipboard after 30 seconds.

User Interface:

I saw so many password manager apps, I like some and I don’t like some password manager coz of confusing and complicated User Interface.

But I really love Dashlane’s User Interface and I must say it is very very easy to use. here are some screenshots of User Interface,

This is lock screen. I set fingerprint to unlock the app.
Menu .

Password Generator .
Login info page .
If you want to add some additional personal info.

Ratings and Price:

It has 4.5 star rating on play store (Rated by 66.2k user). Pricing divided into 3 categories,

1. Premium (3.33$/month) :

In this category you will get,

  • Secure account backup.
  • Priority VIP support.
  • You can sync password and data across devices.
  • Unlimited password sharing.
  • Support for authentication with YubiKey (U2F)

2. Free (0$) : 

In this category you will get,

  • Unlimited Password and data storage.
  • Data brech alert and security monitoring.
  • Password generator.
  • It also include 30 days free premium service.
  • Change password instantly.

3. Business (4$/month) :

In this category you will get,

  • Smart spaces for unlimited work and passwprd storage.
  • Admin console with custom policies.
  • Secured password sharing with group management.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Extra 2FA options.
  • Easy Account Administration (SAML, MSI, Active Directory)

My Experience with Dashlane :

To be very clear I was not intrested in password manager. Before using password manager I was using same password for everything but I did a mistake I wrote that password in my notebook and my friend saw that password and I faced some problem.

I tried Norton Identity Safe that was my favourite password manager. But when I saw dashlane and used it for some days, my mind completely changed and I start using it.

I love the User Interface, Features, and it is very simple to use, My favourite feature is you can unlock app and notes with your fingerprint. You don’t need to type password each and every time. Also they don’t store our password on their server which means we can log in without internet connection which is great we just want to remember 1 password (Master Password).

I  also like the auto login feature but I noticed that if I use auto login on chrome browser it work little bit slower. I thought if I update chrome browser then it will work smooth but it didn’t work so I disable auto login function and then it work smoothly. Overall I love this app.

Ok guys I hope you like this post about Dashlane App Review. Stay happy and keep reading Techunwrap 😉 ..

Thank You..

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