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Let’s talk about App Cloner. 

app cloner

This post is all about app cloner for ex. What is app cloner, How to clone an app, Features of app cloner & Final review. 

What is App Cloner?

App Cloner is an app made by AppListo to clone other apps (It is available on Playstore) So What is app cloning?

In simple word, making a duplicate app from original one is known as app cloning. Its like a xerox where you get printed content on a page from original one.


Common Options :

  • You can change name of app while cloning.
  • You can set no. of clones (How many clones you want).
  • If you don’t like the Launcher Icon’s Color you can change it (Flip Icon, Rotate Icon, Add Badge or you can replace)

Display Options :

  • You can change Status bar color.
  • Navigation bar color.
  • Toolbar color.
  • Rotation lock is available if you don’t want to rotate your cloned app.
  • You can set language.
  • Display size.
  • Font scale.
  • You can change default font.
  • Keep Screen On option (This will affect your battery consumption).
  • Immersive Mode (It use to hide or show the navigation and status bar).
  • It Allows text selection (Long press static text or label to enable selection and copy or share texts).
  • Sharing Images.
  • Multi-window support.
  • Window Size.
  • Welcome Message.
  • It also have an option to show App on Lock Screen.

Privacy Options :

  • Remove Permissions (ex. Internet access, Bluetooth, Write external storage etc).
  • Password Protect App (This feature is used to set a password to cloned app).
  • Incognito Mode (Close the app via notification and securely delete app data).
  • Change Android Id (This also change the serial number of hardware).
  • Hide IMEI.
  • Hide Wi-Fi Mac Address.
  • Scoof Location.
  • Screenshot Prevention.
  • Disable Clipboard Access.
  • Exit app on Screen off.
  • Request all permission.

Storage Options :

  • Install to SD card (Indicates the app should preferably be installed on theexternal sd-card).
  • Backup option available.
  • Bundle files and directories.
  • Bundle expansion files.
  • Sandbox external storage(Redirect sd-card file operations into an isolated sub directory).
  • Clear Cache on exit.
  • Disable space management.

Launching Options :

  • Remove widget.
  • Remove Icon. (Allows removing the app’s launcher icon if you think its not needed).
  • Document launch mode.
  • Quick settings tile.
  • Auto start (Prevent or force automatic starting of the app on device boot).
  • Persistent app (It keeps the cloned app running in the memory aslo when the app is in the background).
  • Disable app defaults.
  • Open links with.
  • Press back again to exit.
  • Confirm exit.
  • Anti memory trashing.
  • Make assist app.
  • Interpreted mode.

Networking Options :

  • You can Disable all networks.
  • Disable background networking.
  • Disable mobile data.
  • Socks proxy.
  • Disable clear text networking.

Notification Options :

  • Notification filter (Block notification containing specific word).
  • Quiet time.
  • Notification sound.
  • Notification vibration.
  • Heads-up Notifications.
  • On-going Notifications.
  • Notification color.
  • Lights of Notification bar.
  •  Toast filter (Allow blocking toast messages).

Android Wear & TV options :

  • Remove watch app.
  • Leanback Launcher support.
  • Leanback banner image.
  • Mark as game.
  • Enable TV version.
  • Picture in picture mode.

Automation Options :

  • You can set brightness on start (In percentage).
  • Mute volume on start (Silences the media volume when the app is started).
  • Do not disturb controls (Turn on dnd on app start and turn off on app exit).
  • Wifi controls (Enable or disable on app start).
  • Bluetooth Controls.
  • Auto rotate screen control.
  • Execute tasker task.

Developer Options :

  • Make Debuggable.
  • Google maps ApI keys (Allow generating Google Maps API key via the Google Developer Console).
  • Ignore Crashes (It prevent app termination for unhandled errors).

How to Clone an App using App Cloner :

So to clone an app just follow this steps I will show you this process on my demo app (created by me) with some selected options. You can choose any option according to your need.

  • Select an app (Im selecting my app Fake name/Id Generator).

app cloner

  • Now select the options according to your need. (For this app I’m changing its name, Flip the icon, Set a password to it, Spoof its location, Incognito mode, Change Android Id, Exit app on screen off prevent screenshots).

app cloner premium

  • Now just click on that arrow. It will take some seconds (3-4 seconds) to clone it.

  • After completing this process just install it.

  • Now open your app and test it I set a password so here is the screenshot of it.

App Cloner

  • Done. Now enjoy your cloned app.

Final Thoughts :

This is my favourite and the best App Cloner available on the internet. I used so many app cloner but none of them give you this all options. Its like creating a new app according to our need.

I cloned so many apps to test this app and every cloned app is working perfectly. Remember you can’t clone every app such as Chrome, Facebook and system apps but you can clone downloaded or third party apps. Don’t use it for bad purpose.

I highly recommend this App Cloner. It is free and if you want every option you can purchase pro version (It is not so costly).
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So I hope guys you like this post. Have a nice day and keep reading Techunwrap 😉 ..

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